Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How Are You People Finding Me, Anyway?

This blog doesn't have many readers but I am gratified to say that I have a few readers. Which is more fun than no readers - but having no readers has never stopped me anyway.

A cool feature of Feedburner is I can see the searches or other vehicles that brought you booktending madcaps here in the first place. I can look back one day, seven days, or thirty days. Then I can have lots of fun making graphs to share the fun!

For the last 30 days here are the searches/vehicles that brought you here. I think there is something telling about your interests as well as my cleverness in using tags on my posts.

Other included the perennial "prednisone insomnia" as well as all the facebook and bloglines hits.

The irony of the shape of this chart has not escaped me. From here on in I'm going to try to remember to put Obama in the tag on each post to ensure heavy readership of this incredibly important and noteworthy drivel.

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