Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wereducks, werecoyotes, werejackals, and stuff

We have all heard of werewolves. I've even heard of wereducks. Apparently I am way behind the times as I just recently learned of the werecoyote. I don't read fantasy much. OK, I hate fantasy. And just because a fantasy book happens also to be a romance doesn't make it interesting to me.

Still, I read this review of Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs and learned the heroine is a werecoyote who marries a werewolf. My cartoon-brain immediately went into overtime. There are just sooo many questions!

Note: I have not read the book. The review was enough to make my head spin.

1. Suppertime itself would be an ordeal. Werecoyote: "I want carrion, with a side of trash!" Werewolf: "I don't touch that stuff and you know it. Fresh or nothing!" Eating meals together is one of the foundations of a good relationship. How do you make this work?

2. Biological function. I guess children are out of the question. I presume wolves and coyotes can not breed. No pitter-patter of little paws for them! Will they regret this later on? Or maybe they'll adopt a wereduck or werejackal?

3. Children. If they could be bred, what happens if one takes after Dad and one after Mom? It brings a whole new meaning to sibling rivalry. The werecoyote child would obviously be able to shapeshift other than the full moon. "I shapeshift better than you do" could be a big bone of contention.

4. Were to live? Forest or desert? Perhaps a compromise on the sierra? AZ is a possibility since the biomes change every 15 minutes as you drive.

5. How will the werewolf tolerate the werecoyote's trickster personality? Could mayhem result? I mean honestly, isn't the little things in marriage that push a person or wereperson over the edge?

I predict these two will end up in marriage counseling at some point

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