Sunday, March 15, 2009

How Do You People Find Me? Using Google Analytics

I started using Google Analytics to analyze this feed. Most of the time you wild and wacky readers are coming in through the url or my egotistical posting of my link on Facebook. But I do get the occasional keyword hit. Since January 1, 2009, here's how it shapes up:

Keyword %
what's a good book to read* 50%
day go faster* 31%
suspense novel plot generator 13%
camel edition 6%

*and variations thereof

As an example of how obscure I am, that 50% number is really just 6 or 8 hits. But it boosts my ego to use the percentages.

Why anyone would look for "camel edition" is beyond me.

I can even use analytics to see which entry specifically was hit. I have many entitled "Things that make the day go faster" so I can see which one it landed on. I only have one page entitled "What's a Good Book to Read?" and it was last year sometime.

Analytics only takes into account the hits made during the time period specified. I specified 1/1/09-3/15/09. I could do as little as a week.

Since I just transferred from Feedburner, Analytics is also only able to look back in time to January 1, 2009. If it went back farther, I'd probably also have the entry "Prednisone, Insomnia from" showing up. Feedburner is transferring everything to Google, so if you're using feedburner, you can transfer to Google, and then use Analytics to do the same kind of analysis.

So, what is this telling me?
If I want even more hits, I should title all entries either "What's a Good Book To Read?" or "Things That Make The Day Go Faster." Or, more logically, write more on those topics to make the title match the content. That would probably be best.

It also tells me that people out there are really interested in finding a good book to read. As well as making the day go faster. My blog is obscure. If people are finding me using variations on that search term, then it must be a good one.

Do I Care?
Yes and no.

My ego would love to have everyone in the blogosphere hanging on my every word. Challenge failblog!

On the other hand, I only write here what pops into my head. And to use this as a practice for my someday book of essays. So my behavior is unlikely to change unless I want to inflate my ego.

But is it interesting?
Yes! And Google Analytics will be of great use to serious bloggers, especially those in corporate settings.

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