Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Inferno Inferno by Karen Harper

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A really great example of a PG-13 contemporary romantic suspense. The bad guy is truly deranged. And yet, from what I have read about firestarters, he certainly fits the profile. The profile is also discussed within the book as FBI agents join the heroine in tracking down the "boy next door" arsonist.

The BND arsonist has been bedeviling the FBI for some years. He also has a connection to the heroine. The final Big Fire in a Dry, Remote, Highly Forested Area and the pursuit of the BND give the requisite adrenaline rush. The characters, major and minor, are detailed. The growing relationship between the hero and heroine is nicely handled. As a bonus for those preferring PG or PG 13 romances, there is a genuine romance minus the heavy sex.

Bonus points for information about wildlife of the area and a particularly disgruntled bear. A refreshing change of pace, this might also appeal to some readers of thrillers.

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