Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Loose and Easy

Loose and Easy (Steele Street #9) Loose and Easy by Tara Janzen

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From the title, one might think there is a whole lot more hot and heavy sex in this one. Not particularly. Actually less than usual. For this author. Still not PG-13! Janzen will always be R-rated and, doggone it, writes those sex scenes rather well...

And, really, how would these people have time to stop for sex with all the action taking place in one night? And what an adrenaline rush all that action is! The SDF team is macho as ever as Johnny and Esme (aka: Easy) rush to get the reward for returning a stolen painting and try to get the money to the Bad Guy With a Comb-Over who is holding Esme's father hostage for a betting debt.

Double-crosses abound. Bad guys are walloped. And, in the background, General Grant arrives at Steele Street to help place the seeds for a future book. And Easy's cousin Dax also gets some play as set up for another book.

As always, Janzen's heros and the predicaments that bring them together with the heroine are over-the-top. But the characters are well-defined, the emotions are high, and there is a true HEA for Johnny and Easy.

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