Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Dork Report - Inaugural Edition

I'm pleased to announce a new feature here at Booktending: The Dork Report! The Dork Report will present items I find in my feeds that truly and bleakly illustrate dorkiness. As in rampant stupidity.

I also plan to insert a picture I just find dorky in the sense of dumbness. Because I like pictures in my blog.

These are my opinions. You may disagree. Tough. It's my blog.

Let's Dork-Out!

Dorks and Tipping

No Tip=Thievery via Etiquette Hell Blog by admin on 5/21/09. Honest to Pete, people, if you don't leave a tip at least make it because the service was abysmal, not because, in this modern age the server “put the check down in front of a lady when a gentleman is present.” A nice pair of odor eaters for this "gentleman."

Dorks and Race

Yeah, like it really matters what race the girls were after they fought in the bus and sprayed pepper spray all over the other passengers. Other to an officer making a report, of course. Gah

Dorks and Gay-Fear

UCC Pastor Under Fire In CA via UCC in the News on 5/18/09. Uhhh...yeah. The pastor actually sat down with the secret GLBT handbook, used hypnosis and now they're all GAY!!!! Honorary Rainbow Flag to these rocket scientists.

Dork Limbaugh

Limbaugh Proposed A "Know-It-All-Tour" via The Limbaugh Lie Of The Day by (Joseph Lyles) on 5/11/09

"Limbaugh says Republicans don't need to be "listening to people." No kidding, he really said that." In the first of what will be many awards, Rush wins a complimentary lobotomy.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thank goodness for seat belts and air bags

Good news: Although I'm expecting massive seat belt bruises I am fine. The car seems fixable. Cats were not present but are unfazed by the news. Mom has been reassured.

OK, for you locals I'm sure you can see this in your minds.7:30 pm. Just off work. I was in the left turn lane at 7th St. and McDowell. Perfectly stationary. Miy left turn light was red.The east/west light turned green I think. Traffic was beginning to move.

I notice something to my left. I see a car heading straight for me. Impact. Air bag.

Dust from airbag. Nothing seems broken but my chest kinda hurts. Smell a smoky smell. Grab purse and decide to move to the sidewalk by McDonald's. Sit on Sidewalk. How did this happen???

Ambulance ride (Cool!) to Good Sam. Pretty stunned anyway. 3 hours checking me. No injury other than soreness in chest and shoulder from the seat belt.

Police Officer arrives and explains that as traffic was moving east west some bozo decides to run the red light going south. One east/west car hit as bozo tries to quickly turn west to avoid it. Hits me head-on. Dead straight center of my car.

No one wasy seriously hurt.No ID on the bozo. Whatta slime dog. Officer says he's being fingerprinted so I assume he's arrested for something.

Visible damage to MY NEW CAR: Front bumper dragging on the ground. Impact mechanism at the oddest angle. Radiator pushed in. Hood bent. No other dents, dings, or scratches visible. The head-on didn't even move the quarter panels.

Won't know more until insurance adjuster et. al. can thoroughly examine it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Cat therapy helps.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Good Stuff

My reserve on the new Nora Roberts book, Vision in white , came in just in time for the Labor Day three day weekend!

I paid off the HVAC I suddenly had to have installed a couple of years ago. Thank you IRS refund!

Downright Niceness
The Offical White House Photostream on Flickr via Librarian Avengers by Erica on 5/18/09

I love cats. I also love dogs. And Bo on the photostream? Doggylicious! Hooray Bo! Hooray Doggy Fun!

Epic Proposal Win
Tim's Romantic Proposal via Romantic Times BOOKreviews by RT Book Reviews on 5/14/09. Ordinarily, I find theme proposals and proposal Grand and Public Gestures kinda tacky. This one is so well thought out and sweet, it deserves a Friday Good Stuff shout out. Congratulations Tim and Erin!

I Heart Geeks!

From the wheel to God-Knows-What-Next, we have a ton of things to love Geeks for. Hug them, nurture them, love them.

Friday Fun via Stephen's Lighthouse by stephen on 5/8/09: The Triumph of the Geek: The Evolution of Tech-Obsessed Nerds Through Time

Geeks plus cats? Cat yodeling? What's not to love?

Friday Videos Love Aspect Ratio, and Cats via Smart Bitches, Trashy Books on 5/22/09. As Candy said in the original entry: “The only thing sexier than a funny skinny nerd…are two funny skinny nerds who love cats"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yippeeeee! I have another reader!!!!

Welcome, Bitterly Books! I have no idea how you found me but I welcome you to my gloriously obscure spot on the internet. I have taken your comment on yesterday's blatherings to heart and I will now endeavor to explain my Snarkly Ways.

First, let me explain about the Big Snark-Off. It's a nearly two-year tradition here at Booktending. What is it? Just links to stuff I find funny. Or, during election season, things that make me roll my eyes so hard my head spins. Or whatever. Sometimes I dare to insert my own humble snarks among The Greats I cite.

Yesterday's decision to actually review my favorites was a spur of the moment thing. A flash of brilliance? Perhaps. A chance to indulge in drivel? Definitely!

I have decided that I will not shy away from reviewing my favorites. Why? They're my favorites, of course. And there is always a new favorite to add to the collection. Or an old favorite to rediscover. And why not put my librarian skills to good use in loosely evaluating these fine pieces of snark?

That last was a rhetorical question best not answered. In truth, I'm probably treading on thin ground here as it is. After all, what is the true academic meaning of snark? What are its elements? What are its genres and subgenres? Do I really need to be putting my professional reputation on the line by daring to speak?

Oh,'s the professional reputation on a personal blog like this stands little chance of damage. Mostly because I have only a very local reputation and also because only four people read this blog. Max. And two of them just link from my facebook page.

I do not languish in obscurity. I revel in it. I am, after all, a librarian. We do our best work when we think nobody's paying any attention. And I have, of course, digressed. I write this in stream-0f-consciousness style. I try to stay on track...oh! look at the bright shiny object!

Now that you have brought it to my attention, I will definitely look at Bitterly Books. It's never too late to review the snarks. In fact, I am sure I will be discovering more snark-worthy places to review as time progresses.

Besides, I totally forgot another library-related snark site yesterday so Bitterly Books will help fill out that post. When I get around to it. D'oh! And I completely forgot about our good friends at HDT Skis!

Yes, there will be more Snark-Offs. Count on it. As long as these fingers can type and a connection can be fou

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Big Snark-Off: Information and Referral Edition - Part 1

My favorite snarkers, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books have been book touring for their boffo bestseller Heaving Bosoms, so romance cover snarks have been a bit few and far between. I miss them, but that's ok! I'm totally givin' those bitches a break because they are the very definition of throbbing, pulsing AWESOME. They'll return to cover snarks. 'Cause it's in their blood. I am a faithful fan. I will wait.

In the meantime, I've been looking over some old favorite websites and discovered they have now added rss to their blogs. Hooray! Snark on a stick! And somehow, the snark-goddesses have smiled upon me and I've even found some new things. So...I'm putting on the 'ol Librarian Tiara and reviewing some of my favorite snarksites. Hooray!

Awful Library Books, while aimed at the librarian, is also comprehensible to most laypeople. Michigan librarians Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner meticulously search out items on actual library shelves. Items that should have been "deaccessioned" long ago. As good librarians, Kelly and Hibner give us a partial citation and their reasons for suggesting an item be weeded from a library's collection. Below is one example.

Dressing for success 1970’s style!
via Awful Library Books by marykelly48 on 5/14/09
"The Woman’s Dress for Success

I remember this guy being the cutting edge in fashion for business. In the late 1970’s as women were hitting the job market in record numbers, this was the go to book for dressing at work. Now its just kind of sad unless you would like to dress like a nun for work. Again, why is this stuff still in a career collection? "

I am in complete agreement with Kelly and Hibner on this one. It was this book, and a few later editions, that made me become a librarian in the first place. No WAY was I going to become a shoulder-padded, IBM-blue, power-chick. Librarianship eschews that. For better or worse.

Etiquette Hell Blog has been around for a while. Somehow I just discovered it had rss. This gem is less about snark and more about WTF? It is amazing how insensitive, cruel, and otherwise unacceptable people can be. This one is worth reading just to make sure you are not the guilty party in the post!

Picture Is Unrelated - WTF Pictures (PIUWTF) seems to be a cousin to Failblog. In fact, I found it via Failblog. A warning: PIUWTF is much more likely to have "unsuitable for work" pictures in it than Failblog. For this reason, caution is advised. The humor is also a bit more earthy. View as taste allows. Some G-Rated examples:

Dial-a-Llama…why didn’t I think of that?!
via Picture Is Unrelated - WTF Pictures by pizzaburger on 5/12/09

How’s that MFA workin’ out for you?
via Picture Is Unrelated - WTF Pictures by pizzaburger on 5/13/09

Next reviews will concentrate on some of the more domesticated snark providers, such as Cakewrecks and What Not To Crochet.
Until we Snark Again...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Am I Doing?


Egan does a great job explaining the varying factors that contributed to this ecological disaster. It is as readable as fiction because he tells the story within a framework of human lives. He shows lives intersecting and separating as the wind howls on. He also shows how actions and inactions contributed to the disaster. 70 years later, we're beginning to forget the horror of those years in Oklahoma. Egan is doing a great job of bringing the grit back to the forefront so we don't forget.

Bonus points to Egan for even bringing up the documentation created by photographers and writers of the era, including the documentary The Plough that Broke the Plains

For my next book I'll be returning to my favorite genre, Contemporary Romantic Suspense.


I now have a car with an mp3 CD player so naturally I rushed to see how it worked. I'm pleasantly surprised that the mp3 CD of Prime time by Brown, Sandra is very well reproduced through the system. Nifty! Prime Time is an older work of Brown's, written under an earlier pseudonym. Decent reader, decent story, we'll see if I like it.


Before learning I needed a new car, I impulsively spent a few bucks on a new Sansa Fuze 8G mp3 player. And I refuse to regret it. I have everything on there. Well, I have room for everything. Mostly I have a lot of things on it arranged into lots of different lengthy playlists. This so RULZ!

Plus, I'm going back and filling in some empty sections of my overall collection. For example, why on earth do I have no Rolling Stones??? Hello? And I totally had nothing by Paul Simon after the Garfunkle years. What's up with that? And I want more Sacred Harp on there. Particularly White (I'm a long time travellin'). Where has my head been?

It has been an interesting time sifting back through what I want. And challenging to get it ethically.

I love television.
I love my DVR.
I love my cats.
So there.
I said it before God and one other (I hope there is someone reading this.) Lotta things winding up, getting wound up or starting just now. So let me just give you the grocery list...
  • Amazing Race - fun season, well played
  • Chuck - I love Chuck. Chuck is the nerd I've always wanted to date. Except now I'd probably have to go for Chuck's Dad, huh?
  • 24 - How a peace-loving commie pinko like myself has come to love 24 I'll never know
  • American Idol - A bit dull this year with Adam looking like the sure-fire winner. But then people might be sick of that so maybe he won't be. Or...I dunno. Nice kids anyway. No one I wanted to adopt this year, but nice kids
  • Lost - Way cool, wind us up for a few years and then slooooowly...let it... unwind... to... the...end. Still nicely done.
  • 30 Rock - biggest laugh of the week in my house.
  • Fringe - just got totally jiggy last week. And it has a random cow. What's not to love?
Waiting for: So You Think You Can Dance

In deep mourning for: ER


Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Big Snark-Off: Saturday Edition

New Snark Source! Hooray!

Judging the Books takes a look at the rich and snark-worthy covers of Young Adult Books. Bonus points for references to classic art!

Road to Perdita via Judging the Books by beth on 5/6/09: "Not for the faint-hearted comes this harrowing tale of a recent graduate of the Andrew Wyeth School of Modeling, who unfortunately strikes a pose at the same moment a graduate of the Jacques-Louis David School of Equine Modeling attempts to out-vogue her. When asked what possessed him to trample upon a little girl's dream of posing perfection, the slick stallion replied nonsensically."

Mandatory Fail Blog picture:

Etiquette Department
Up, Beaming yourself via A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette by J on 5/8/09
"It is never, under any circumstances, appropriate for a librarian to come to work dressed in a Star Trek uniform."

I'd also like to point out that it is never appropriate to show up for a first date in a Star Trek uniform. If you do, you deserve to be red-shirted with pepper spray.

Facebook Department

Because most of my readers come in through my ego-boosting blog links on my Facebook status, they'll surely appreciate this primer on facebook etiquette. Hope your name isn't Timmy Gordon!

No Response - Part Deux

I've touched on this before and apparently no one listened. No, I had comments, so someone did listen.

Here's a review of the problem: I hate the greeting "How Are You Today?" I also hate the less formal "How ya doin'?" Even worse: "How's it hangin'?" Bonus despisement for saying "How's it hangin'?" to a woman. Srsly, let's think that last one through.

So I walk around hyper-aware of this and discover that I SAY IT TOO!!!! This is Not Acceptable. Do I really care? Not really. Unless the person really needs my help. Then I'm all over it.

I vow to stop it. I've buckled to societal pressure and, pinko-commie knee-jerk liberal that I am, that is just a no-no. I cringe when I hear it from others and just about die when I hear it from myself.

While I chastise myself, I've also come to another conclusion: This greeting is just plain intrusive. The asker is being more or less rhetorical. So why do I need to disclose my feelings, thoughts, actions, or inactions to them? Get your nose out of my business!

I'm trying. I'm finding a genuine "Good (insert time of day here)

It might also be easy to slip and say "Have a good day" somewhere in the exchange. While a nice sentiment, it is nauseatingly trite.

If at all possible, stick to the murmured "Good (insert time of day here)

Or, as mentioned previously,

...a simple flashing of palms to indicate you are not armed. I mean, let's get
back to the roots of the thing. Isn't that what greeting was originally about?
To show the opponent you were friendly or, at least not armed to the teeth?

Let's hop to it America. Let's leave this greeting in the dust

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Classics - Now Genrefied!

Genrefied Classics: A Guide to Reading Interests in Classic Literature (Genreflecting Advisory Series) Genrefied Classics: A Guide to Reading Interests in Classic Literature by Tina Frolund

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is a powerhouse reference work for any library reader's advisor. While ideal for advising young adults who have to read a classic, it is also great for those wishing to start reading classics. Many a self-learner wants to know what the "classic" books are. Many would like to read a "classic." And, like many of us, the reader may be put off by the choices.

Genrefied Classics helps the reader narrow down the choices by presenting classics as part of genre. Science Fiction and Fantasy are well-represented as is, of course, mystery. There are also great suggestions for other genres as well.

View all my reviews.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Orleans Rises, Ghostly

Deadly Night (Flynn Brothers, #1) Deadly Night by Heather Graham

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
Post-Katrina novels are beginning to hit the market. As a romance, this novel does not, of course, address the particular challenges and tragedies faced by residents of New Orleans, the aftermath of the storm, even years later, does help move the plot.

This is a good contemporary suspense/ghost story. A haunted mansion just out of town, disappearances, historic tragedies, and current serial killers all combine to move the story along at a good pace. The hero and heroine are fun to watch as they get to know each other's good and bad sides.

A varied and, yes, colorful, cast of characters rounds out the book. Great setup for the sequels as well.

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