Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Dork Report - Inaugural Edition

I'm pleased to announce a new feature here at Booktending: The Dork Report! The Dork Report will present items I find in my feeds that truly and bleakly illustrate dorkiness. As in rampant stupidity.

I also plan to insert a picture I just find dorky in the sense of dumbness. Because I like pictures in my blog.

These are my opinions. You may disagree. Tough. It's my blog.

Let's Dork-Out!

Dorks and Tipping

No Tip=Thievery via Etiquette Hell Blog by admin on 5/21/09. Honest to Pete, people, if you don't leave a tip at least make it because the service was abysmal, not because, in this modern age the server “put the check down in front of a lady when a gentleman is present.” A nice pair of odor eaters for this "gentleman."

Dorks and Race

Yeah, like it really matters what race the girls were after they fought in the bus and sprayed pepper spray all over the other passengers. Other to an officer making a report, of course. Gah

Dorks and Gay-Fear

UCC Pastor Under Fire In CA via UCC in the News on 5/18/09. Uhhh...yeah. The pastor actually sat down with the secret GLBT handbook, used hypnosis and now they're all GAY!!!! Honorary Rainbow Flag to these rocket scientists.

Dork Limbaugh

Limbaugh Proposed A "Know-It-All-Tour" via The Limbaugh Lie Of The Day by (Joseph Lyles) on 5/11/09

"Limbaugh says Republicans don't need to be "listening to people." No kidding, he really said that." In the first of what will be many awards, Rush wins a complimentary lobotomy.

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Unknown said...

Absolutely agree on the tipping issue. My favorite story is about a colleague who left such a small tip once when we were eating "Dutch" that I made up for it with my tip. I left the table and he came back by after visiting the rest room. From a distance I spotted him picking up the tip I'd left from the table. I embarrassed him enough that he returned it, but the guy had no remorse for what he's just done. --Fred