Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Good Stuff

My reserve on the new Nora Roberts book, Vision in white , came in just in time for the Labor Day three day weekend!

I paid off the HVAC I suddenly had to have installed a couple of years ago. Thank you IRS refund!

Downright Niceness
The Offical White House Photostream on Flickr via Librarian Avengers by Erica on 5/18/09

I love cats. I also love dogs. And Bo on the photostream? Doggylicious! Hooray Bo! Hooray Doggy Fun!

Epic Proposal Win
Tim's Romantic Proposal via Romantic Times BOOKreviews by RT Book Reviews on 5/14/09. Ordinarily, I find theme proposals and proposal Grand and Public Gestures kinda tacky. This one is so well thought out and sweet, it deserves a Friday Good Stuff shout out. Congratulations Tim and Erin!

I Heart Geeks!

From the wheel to God-Knows-What-Next, we have a ton of things to love Geeks for. Hug them, nurture them, love them.

Friday Fun via Stephen's Lighthouse by stephen on 5/8/09: The Triumph of the Geek: The Evolution of Tech-Obsessed Nerds Through Time

Geeks plus cats? Cat yodeling? What's not to love?

Friday Videos Love Aspect Ratio, and Cats via Smart Bitches, Trashy Books on 5/22/09. As Candy said in the original entry: “The only thing sexier than a funny skinny nerd…are two funny skinny nerds who love cats"

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