Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thank goodness for seat belts and air bags

Good news: Although I'm expecting massive seat belt bruises I am fine. The car seems fixable. Cats were not present but are unfazed by the news. Mom has been reassured.

OK, for you locals I'm sure you can see this in your minds.7:30 pm. Just off work. I was in the left turn lane at 7th St. and McDowell. Perfectly stationary. Miy left turn light was red.The east/west light turned green I think. Traffic was beginning to move.

I notice something to my left. I see a car heading straight for me. Impact. Air bag.

Dust from airbag. Nothing seems broken but my chest kinda hurts. Smell a smoky smell. Grab purse and decide to move to the sidewalk by McDonald's. Sit on Sidewalk. How did this happen???

Ambulance ride (Cool!) to Good Sam. Pretty stunned anyway. 3 hours checking me. No injury other than soreness in chest and shoulder from the seat belt.

Police Officer arrives and explains that as traffic was moving east west some bozo decides to run the red light going south. One east/west car hit as bozo tries to quickly turn west to avoid it. Hits me head-on. Dead straight center of my car.

No one wasy seriously hurt.No ID on the bozo. Whatta slime dog. Officer says he's being fingerprinted so I assume he's arrested for something.

Visible damage to MY NEW CAR: Front bumper dragging on the ground. Impact mechanism at the oddest angle. Radiator pushed in. Hood bent. No other dents, dings, or scratches visible. The head-on didn't even move the quarter panels.

Won't know more until insurance adjuster et. al. can thoroughly examine it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Cat therapy helps.

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zirelda said...

Thank goodness. I'm sorry I didn't read this earlier...

Hugs to you and the cats.