Saturday, May 09, 2009

No Response - Part Deux

I've touched on this before and apparently no one listened. No, I had comments, so someone did listen.

Here's a review of the problem: I hate the greeting "How Are You Today?" I also hate the less formal "How ya doin'?" Even worse: "How's it hangin'?" Bonus despisement for saying "How's it hangin'?" to a woman. Srsly, let's think that last one through.

So I walk around hyper-aware of this and discover that I SAY IT TOO!!!! This is Not Acceptable. Do I really care? Not really. Unless the person really needs my help. Then I'm all over it.

I vow to stop it. I've buckled to societal pressure and, pinko-commie knee-jerk liberal that I am, that is just a no-no. I cringe when I hear it from others and just about die when I hear it from myself.

While I chastise myself, I've also come to another conclusion: This greeting is just plain intrusive. The asker is being more or less rhetorical. So why do I need to disclose my feelings, thoughts, actions, or inactions to them? Get your nose out of my business!

I'm trying. I'm finding a genuine "Good (insert time of day here)

It might also be easy to slip and say "Have a good day" somewhere in the exchange. While a nice sentiment, it is nauseatingly trite.

If at all possible, stick to the murmured "Good (insert time of day here)

Or, as mentioned previously,

...a simple flashing of palms to indicate you are not armed. I mean, let's get
back to the roots of the thing. Isn't that what greeting was originally about?
To show the opponent you were friendly or, at least not armed to the teeth?

Let's hop to it America. Let's leave this greeting in the dust

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