Monday, May 18, 2009

Yippeeeee! I have another reader!!!!

Welcome, Bitterly Books! I have no idea how you found me but I welcome you to my gloriously obscure spot on the internet. I have taken your comment on yesterday's blatherings to heart and I will now endeavor to explain my Snarkly Ways.

First, let me explain about the Big Snark-Off. It's a nearly two-year tradition here at Booktending. What is it? Just links to stuff I find funny. Or, during election season, things that make me roll my eyes so hard my head spins. Or whatever. Sometimes I dare to insert my own humble snarks among The Greats I cite.

Yesterday's decision to actually review my favorites was a spur of the moment thing. A flash of brilliance? Perhaps. A chance to indulge in drivel? Definitely!

I have decided that I will not shy away from reviewing my favorites. Why? They're my favorites, of course. And there is always a new favorite to add to the collection. Or an old favorite to rediscover. And why not put my librarian skills to good use in loosely evaluating these fine pieces of snark?

That last was a rhetorical question best not answered. In truth, I'm probably treading on thin ground here as it is. After all, what is the true academic meaning of snark? What are its elements? What are its genres and subgenres? Do I really need to be putting my professional reputation on the line by daring to speak?

Oh,'s the professional reputation on a personal blog like this stands little chance of damage. Mostly because I have only a very local reputation and also because only four people read this blog. Max. And two of them just link from my facebook page.

I do not languish in obscurity. I revel in it. I am, after all, a librarian. We do our best work when we think nobody's paying any attention. And I have, of course, digressed. I write this in stream-0f-consciousness style. I try to stay on track...oh! look at the bright shiny object!

Now that you have brought it to my attention, I will definitely look at Bitterly Books. It's never too late to review the snarks. In fact, I am sure I will be discovering more snark-worthy places to review as time progresses.

Besides, I totally forgot another library-related snark site yesterday so Bitterly Books will help fill out that post. When I get around to it. D'oh! And I completely forgot about our good friends at HDT Skis!

Yes, there will be more Snark-Offs. Count on it. As long as these fingers can type and a connection can be fou

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Bitterly Books said...

Woo-hoo! Sweet.

Does "snark" actually have an academic meaning? I've always viewed it as an amorphous blob of sarcasm, cynicism, criticism, and a dash of bitchiness written to entertain.

(Hopefully, your post was cut short by a dropped connection, which can be repaired. Fingers no longer able to type would be a more daunting problem.)