Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Big Snark-Off: Migraine Edition

First a sad note:

Our beloved Mr. Nuisance Copper Trout's soul finished with his body this week. We miss him very much. Fortunately, he has relocated to a higher plain of existance and now has even greater powers of guardianship. He is also enjoying some Guy-Time with my late father.

On To The Snarks!
Politics Department
New Biography Examines Rumsfeld's 'Rules' via NPR Topics: Authors on 6/25/09
"Journalist Bradley Graham discusses the successes and failures of former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld. Graham is the author of By His Own Rules, a lengthy new biography of Rumsfeld."

Chortle, tee hee. I can't help it. Every time someone says that man's name I laugh. Whatta moron.

Sanford e-mail to mistress: Situation 'hopelessly impossible' via Recently Published/Updated on 6/24/09 It's L-U-V luuuuurve for Gov. Sanford. You have to wonder about people like these. Is it so frickin' hard to keep yer underwear on and yer lips to yerself?

Closed Clinic Leaves Abortion Protesters at a Loss via All News Feeds on 6/6/09. Yup. Operation Rescue ain't yer Daddy's Operation rescue anymore, either.

Reality TV Department
Christian publisher still plans Kate Gosselin book via Books - Top Stories on 6/25/09 Oh who the hell cares? Did we not see this train wreck coming?

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