Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Big Snark-Off - Information and Referral - Lileks Edition

A week or so ago I reviewed the Gallery of Regrettable Food. Oh silly me! I hadn't looked at the main Lileks homepage in years. And oh what I have missed! Started in 1996, the site has grown and grown as Lileks has discovered more and more things to snark on!

This is an incredible time-waster. Going through gallery after gallery of things as varied as WWII propaganda to 1950s and 1960s Stag Magazines, this may be the ultimate snark site! Lilek's home may be a fire hazard due to all this paper, but holy gee, it's worth it!

Let's just look at some of the thousands of examples:

"This cover features a waaaay popular Mattel toy, Matt Mason. I had the moon scooters, the transports, everything. (I fully expected to live on the moon myself, eventually.) As a young boy, I was naturally drawn to this cover, which seems to suggest that people will have powerful, incandescent flatulence in the future."

"The Rotating Bar made a complete circle every hour and 20 minutes. If you like, you could scoot out from the bar, use your legs and the wheels on the chair to remain in a gobbler-synchronous orbit while everyone else passed you by.
Hey, Hank! Howya doin', Verne? Bob! Good to see you; catch you in an hour-twenty."
My Personal Favorite? Comic Book Covers!
We begin with “Popular Teens” from the early 50s, one of the more incompetent comics ever fed to a printing press. This panel tells it all:

In the background, the Blue Man Group is practicing their “Salute to the Air Force” routine; to the left, a red-haired Ed Grimley dork is picking his nose while his mind goes click-click-click saving up this image for later; in the foreground, an instructor - who has a form of chronic lycanthropy that starts at the wrists and ankles and works its way in – is attempting to show “Miss Gay” how to stand straight up by inflicting irreversible spinal damage.

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