Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Congratulations, John Park!

Booktender vs. American Idol, 2010 Edition!
(sorry I missed last week - figure skating took precedence)

A big congratulations to John Park,
this season's first winner of the patented
Booktender Fast Forward Award
Honeybunch, I had you in the first 15 seconds. Flat. No connection with the audience. Oh sweetie...this could be your swan song. It's a shame I wasn't actually watching this on the DVR so I really could fast-forward!

A Great Big
Thank You
to Lee Dewyze
Lovely performance. A great ending to the show. You have some style forming in there

Tons of
to Big Mike
Right song. Right register. Great tone. Breath Support. Bonus: An actual performance.
You go, new daddy!

A great big
to Casey James
for confusing this vocal competition with a guitar-playing competition. Dude, you're a soulful kind of singer. You've got a unique style. You got some folk-rock thing going on. For the love of crunchy peanut butter and tabby cats, pull it out of the fire!

The coveted
Big 80s Award
goes to Alex Lambert
A mullet? A MULLET? I just don't know what to think about this. It's unique. It stands out. It goes with your backstory. You seem to be a nice kid. You sing pretty well.

Most likely to go home?
John Park!

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