Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Things That Make The Day Go Faster

8:15 am: Squad Cars at the building entrance! Oh boy, hope none of my coworkers has gone ballistic. Nope. Just sneaking up on drug dealers in the park behind the building. Drat

Cuteness Factor: Mom and the kids are going to storytime and grandpa is going, too! Lots of excitement and picture-taking

A regular customer - today clearly drunk - politely introduces himself to our new guard and they talk about florida for a moment before the guard frees up the jovial customer's day for other activities outside the building. The guard confided in me that they had the exact same conversation yesterday when the customer was sober. The guard also admitted he changes his answers each time just to see if the poor guy remembers the next day. Not happening. See ya tomorrow, pal!

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Unknown said...

Fun with Dick, Jane, and Bobo. :) I love that he changes the answers!