Sunday, September 05, 2010

Emotionally Sleepwalking

NightwalkerNightwalker by Heather Graham

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For my taste, the emotional attachment between the hero and heroine never quite clicked. There were some hints of physical attraction that were explored early on but just briefly. In fact, the characters of the grandfather and Ringo were more fleshed out more than the main characters.

As a fan of contemporary romantic suspense, this did not sit well with me. However, this book can also be seen as a romantic suspense/paranormal crossover book. That may have been what prevented me from really enjoying the book to its fullest. Crossovers between genres are tricky.

The storyline was good. The circumstances under which events take place "today" and the parallel action that took place "back then" made for just enough complication to keep the story interesting.

I will say that "nightwalkers" intrigue me and that is something that also kept me with the book to the end.

The book is a light and quick read and a bit of fun. I will try a couple more Heather Graham books in this developing series to see if I want to continue.

Would I recommend this book to a fan of historical fiction? Not particularly. The changing back and forth between now and then might not appeal

Would I recommend this book to a reader of paranormal fiction? This would depend on the reasons the reader reads paranormal fiction. If they are looking for ghost stories with a native american twist, this will fill the bill. If they are looking for vampires and more action, this will not.

Would I recommend this book to a native american interested in reading fiction about his/her modern culture? Absolutely not. The story takes liberties with traditions and how they work with tribes local to the area. This is not to say that is bad. In any genre fiction but regency, historical accuracy is not vital. I do think some native americans would be a bit annoyed.

Would I recommend this to a man in a bear suit? No. Anything paranormal he is looking for is probably beyond the realm of a contemporary suspense/paranormal crossover book.

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