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Terminal FreezeTerminal Freeze by Lincoln Child

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a fun and quick read. There is a lot of action and suspense that is very appealing. Unfortunately, one major plot fail made it difficult to finish. Without giving away details, let us just say that an old military installation filled with people making a documentary would have easily used a certain tool that would have resolved the problem quickly.

I can see why Child left this tool out of the book. Using the tool would reduce the book's length greatly and make it much easier to defeat the horror that is unleashed. This lack of technology bothered me throughout the book.

The characters are fairly well fleshed out. They give the book its most interesting parts. Scientific exploration vs. media exploitation is a timely theme that runs throughout the book.

Another interesting theme that runs through the book is the idea of rank. Military personnel stationed at the base have their own ranks, of course, but that is not explored. What is more interesting is how the documentary crew overrules the scientists and even, on occasion, military personnel. Scientists and academicians from less than prestigious schools are sometimes overruled by those with more prestigious credentials. And the horror unleashed outranks everyone by nature of its predatory and killing skill. Fun from that standpoint.

Sadly, both the action and the character development fade considerably about 2/3 through the book. I confess: I skipped to the end and then went back and filled in. The ending was also far too ambiguous for my taste. Horror should have a "but is this really the end of the terror?" ending. At the end of this book, too many possibilities are left hanging and the spiritual elements - which are only at the very beginning and very end of the book, seem to be a sideshow.

I did find the "enigmatologist" to be an interesting character. With the ambiguity of the ending, one wonders if Child will make more books with this character.

Would I recommend this book to readers wanting fiction about indigenous people in Alaska? Not particularly. While they are briefly mentioned at the beginning and end of the book, there really isn't a thing about the real reasons behind their spirituality, their living conditions, or their history with people from "outside."

Would I recommend this book to people who also like the show "Ice Road Truckers?" Naw. They'd pick it apart in no time and be dissatisfied.

Would I recommend this book to someone looking to fill up time in an airport or on an airplane? Yes, especially if they like horror. It is engaging, except for the aforementioned lull, and yet does not require total concentration.

Would I recommend this to a man in a bear suit? Undecided. It would depend on whether the guy was in a polar bear suit or brown bear suit. Polar bears do make cameo appearances in the book.

Would I recommend this book to someone in an airport looking to fill time?

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