Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Booktender 2010: The September That Was

While the new school year nowdays starts sometime in August, I still think of September as back-to-school month.  And, oh, the things we learn!

Here at the 'ol biblioteca, we like to set a scholarly example for our students. We have found that wearing formal dress during the first few weeks of school startles even the noisiest student into silence.

There are lots of new things kids are learning this year, but the classics should never be ignored:
When sitting in a quiet classroom while taking a test, never assume it's going to be a "silent one." #LFMF

History is a topic no student can miss:


Time to get those school pictures taken:

The football team looks like it could really go all the way this year! 

epic fail photos - Juxtaposition WIN

When my Lad was a boy, those individual pizzas we bought by the boat load at Costco disappeared quickly.  Every kid in the neighborhood seemed to show up at our house after school.  Eventually, we discovered that putting a lock on the freezer put the mass consumption of pizza to an end.  Today, the kids seem to dig "pizza lite." 
demotivational posters - PIZZA ROLLS

In leisure reading for the kids, Twilight is still very popular.  But can vampires remain a strong sub-genre forever?  While they are immortal, there has been much speculation in the publishing world that zombies may become the next vampires.

Better stay here folks, the zombies are loose on the streets again.

And that's just how it was, September, 2010

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