Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Booktender 2010: The October That Was

Such a joyful month.  Except for the political ads.  That was pretty heinous.  Fortunately, I have other things to worry about:

Seriously, how long before we discover that those little stickers cause cancer? How long does it take for them to biodegrade in a landfill? Where could they possibly fit in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle meme?

Color me suspicious

Now before you wonder what I dressed up as for Halloween, just sit back down and shut the hell up.  I was home that day but, frankly, we don't get that many trick or treaters.  In my neighborhood, this is the time of year that the snowbirds (species:  migrating blue-hair) return to the Valley of the Sun.  The rattle of walkers is deafening this time of year.


Work the week before Halloween was interesting as always.  The down-and-out really take this time of year to heart.  Costumes were intriguing to say the least

A Road Sign on the Island of Dr. Moreau

Old MacDonald had a farm   until this thing killed him.

fashion fails - The Family That Skis Together Wears Terrible Clothes Together

demotivational posters - THE 70'S

Girls Gone Wild  Industrial Revolution EditionCasting Call -

funny pictures of cats with captions
Yes, my customers are an "exasperating and heady" lot.  They love the free internet computers we have at the 'ol biblioteca.  Unfortunately, the race their location on the second floor can lead to fisticuffs

funny pictures-Gross! Tell me I did not just step in something!
Worse, hygiene is not a priority among a few unnamed individuals

But, all good things must come to an end:

Closer, Being a good via A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette by J on 10/19/10

After the final "We're closing!" announcement is made over the intercom, librarians may dispense of all niceties, break out the riot gear, and forcibly remove patrons from their Farmville games on the library's public computers.
demotivational posters - MEANWHILE...

And that's just how it was
October 2010

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