Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Love Boat

Death Echo (St. Kilda Consulting, #5)Death Echo by Elizabeth Lowell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A blend of two of my favorite genres: contemporary romantic suspense and disaster. Or in this case, near-disaster. Make no mistake. This is a romance. I just like the near-disaster elements thrown in.

Mac's nightmare past in Afghanistan was well-told. His character is identifiable as one of the good guys - whether he thinks so or not. Emma's past is also well-told and paints her as a dedicated woman. While their initial meeting doesn't go well, the emotional attachment and trust develops steadily. By the end of the book there is no mistaking that they are a good team, both for St. Kilda and for each other.

Some of the bad guys are easily identifiable, while others remain in the shadows until events come to a head.

Bonus points to Lowell for portraying the desperation that exists on many reservations with a poignant side story.

Would I recommend this to a contemporary romantic suspense reader? Yes

Would I recommend this to someone who prefers disaster books that move a mile a minute? No. While imminent disaster is narrowly averted, the pace is not as swift as a thriller of that sub-genre. It is primarily a romance.

Would I recommend this book to someone who reads true-crime or likes realistic depictions of organized crime? Only if the person was looking for a departure from their regular read and indicates they would enjoy something where the focus is on characters and the development of love

Would I recommend this book to a man in a bear suit? Hard to tell. Some parts to take place in a wooded setting...

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zirelda said...

Would you recommend it to a woman in pink fuzzy slippers?

No wait.....

long island used boats said...

Melodramatic romance - that's one of my favorite book genre.