Sunday, January 30, 2011

Booktender 2011: The January That Was

funny pictures history - Never be the first to fall asleep at a party.The New Year began with the usual revelry.  Other than that, I seem to be a nattering nabob of negativity today.

The State of the Union address sure brought out the nut-cases.  I mean, seriously, how does the "Tea Party" even merit any kind of media coverage of their response to the State of the Union address?  WTF?

And yet, there it was, in all its smug, self-righteous, insane, lying, glory.  All over the place.  Holy fan-tailed berry pecker.  In the first place, the "Tea Party" isn't even a political party.  In the second place, why did we not hear the response from the libertarians, green party, and communist party?  I say again, WTF?

funny pictures history - REVENGE

And this is all carry-over from the 2008 elections?  Bull-crap. 

This a revenge fantasy created and perpetuated by pundits from media outlets that only care about ratings and fully intend to mislead, to induce fear, and spark anger that could lead to scary consequences. 

There is an agenda behind this.  Whose?  I don't know.  If I was completely wild in the mind, I'd suspect it was a group trying to overthrow the country.  Swear to goodness. 

So there.  I said it.  A conspiracy.  Never thought I'd believe in one. 

I don't think these nefarious evil-doers will succeed in the end.  Revenge is never a lasting solution to anything.  Attempting to break someone else's toys usually results in a heavy-duty time-out. 

How long before that time-out is anyone's guess.

funny pictures history - From Humble BeginningsWhile I see small glimmers of hope, the economy still sucks. 

demotivational posters - THE GOOD OLD DAYSSome, at this point would ramble on about the good old days.  Piffle.  While I do feel a tad paranoid, the good old days are never as good as we might remember them.   My mother reminded me the other night that she had to make-do with really, really cheap shoes during WWII.  Not good for the relentlessly growing child.

She spoke of how the country was willing to scrimp and sacrifice for the common good.  Cutting back on all but the necessities so true evil abroad could be annihilated.

And we both came to the same conclusion:  The country could do it again.  The only question is:  What media-worthy spark will inspire us to do the Right Thing? 

I'm thinking hard.  I'm just a lowly blogger out here talking to myself.  What we need is a Noticeable Counter-Media Event to create an urgent need for change.  No violence.  I mean it.  No violence.  Let us consider the early 60s television documentary Harvest of Shame.  What will it take to produce another such a call to arms?  

And which media outlet will have the courage to stand up and present such a piece?  What makes that difficult?

Meanwhile, back in the Good 'ol Days

demotivational posters - I LIKE TO VACUUM

And That's Just How This Old Crabby-Ass Was, January, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things That Make The Day Go Faster

While a bit shaky, a customer seems ok when he approaches the desk.  Needs some information from Vital Records in another state.  As I turn to the computer to find out what he needs to do, he remarks "I'm in bad pain."

"Oh my," I get these comments all the time. 

"I got stabbed, look at my arm." Sure enough, 5 surgical staples embedded in his arm.  "I got stabbed in the shoulder."  In front of God and everybody, he lifts his t-shirt up so I have an unobstructed view of the 8 inch long row of surgical staples embedded in the top left side of his chest.

"Oh my!  Put the shirt down, now, ok?"

"Yeah, it hurts.  I got morphine, though."

We get the information and his girlfriend arrives.  "We need to go home and rest now," she says.

"No shame in that, you need to rest to heal!"  I'm trying to be insistent, empathetic, and encouraging all at the same time.  While we do not unilateraly arrive at agreement, the girlfriend wins and they depart.

In other news, our sidewalk evangelist's phrase of the day:  "HEAVEN OR HELL?"

Heaven or hell.

Booktender 2010: The Year In Review

Some high spots, some low spots...let's look, shall we?

January:  The news that I am alive drives some readers into hiding

 February:  The gripping hour by hour tale of the true-life adventures of a librarian goes over like a lead balloon

March:  Fanny packs rear their ugly heads once again

April:  Largely dominated by parenting fails

May:  Nothing happened.  Zero. Zip. Nada.  
If you think something happened it was just a dream.

June:  In celebration of summer, I rehash the entire rotten previous year of my life.  More of my readers rush into hiding

July:  One measly book review about a very important book

August:  The history of the US Selective Service was examined

September:  Arizona Gun Laws are explained

October:  The fridge was raided

November:  Emergency defense measures are needed to deal with the election results

 December:  Economy still sucks

Meanwhile, in Russia

And that's just the way it was, Booktending in 2010