Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Booktender 2010: The Year In Review

Some high spots, some low spots...let's look, shall we?

January:  The news that I am alive drives some readers into hiding

 February:  The gripping hour by hour tale of the true-life adventures of a librarian goes over like a lead balloon

March:  Fanny packs rear their ugly heads once again

April:  Largely dominated by parenting fails

May:  Nothing happened.  Zero. Zip. Nada.  
If you think something happened it was just a dream.

June:  In celebration of summer, I rehash the entire rotten previous year of my life.  More of my readers rush into hiding

July:  One measly book review about a very important book

August:  The history of the US Selective Service was examined

September:  Arizona Gun Laws are explained

October:  The fridge was raided

November:  Emergency defense measures are needed to deal with the election results

 December:  Economy still sucks

Meanwhile, in Russia

And that's just the way it was, Booktending in 2010

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