Monday, March 28, 2011

Volcano of Love

Shattered (High Risk, #3)Shattered by JoAnn Ross

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

As another reviewer said, a good read for fans of contemporary romantic suspense. Especially for those who like it military-style.

Ross' stories spend a good deal of time on the background of the characters and the action. This leads to a little more telling and a little less showing than I prefer.

Let us into the character's thoughts. Also have the action help propel those thoughts. Then let the thoughts develop into feelings and more action. In Romantic Suspense, the focus is, of course, on the growing relationship between the hero and the heroine. Action is used heighten the immediacy of the thoughts and feelings of the characters. The action, while present, was not particularly used as part of the emotional growth of the characters.

Kirby and Shane's instant attraction is believable under the emotional circumstances of war. That love can develop under such circumstances is plausible. While running into each other after Shane has been wounded and she's working in a medical relief camp is overly-convenient, it is illustrative of the push-and-pull of their growing relationship.

Good job of making points about the types of injuries our troops are receiving in Afghanistan and rehabilitation.

When the action does hit, it's almost too little too late. Here again, we have telling instead of showing. I must say, though, that the use of volcano was great fun.

This is part of the Phoenix Team series. It is written in a way that the books may be read out of order and still make sense. I may be too enamored of Suzanne Brockmann and her development of her teams, so that colors my feelings about the Phoenix Team. The comraderie between team members and the growth of the team is not well-explored. I'm hoping to see more of that as the series continues.

I will try another book or two in the series. I'd like to see if it improves as it goes along.

Would I recommend this book to a fan of Suzanne Brockmann's series? Yes

Would I recommend this to a volcanologist? No. I suspect the volcano scene, while exciting, might be a little unbelievable.

Would I recommend this to a recent military veteran? Unsure. I suspect there are incredibly unbelievable portions. The reader may find them ignorable or funny or irritating.

Would I recommend this to a man in a bear suit? No. Bears are neither mentioned nor objects of romance in this novel.

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Things That Are Full of Awesome

The Amish.  Seriously.  That whole forgiveness thing?  Awesome

The National Geographic.  Especially this cover.  The story about how the photographer went back many years later to locate this girl is incredible.  Awesome.

Librarians.  We take the guff and still give you the stuff.  I'm not being self-serving here at all.  Awesome

Socks.  Yes socks.  So much better than, say, leaves wrapped around your legs.  Warm.  Awesome

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Turning Of The Tide

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Don't know if you've noticed this before, but I gotta confess to feeling a bit outraged and scared from all the extreme politics going on. Feels a bit nightmarish, actually.

But something weird happened this week in Arizona.  More anti-immigration laws were proposed.  And guess what?  They failed in committee.

WTF?  Speculation abounded.  What I found most heartening was actually hearing television reports that perhaps, just perhaps, people are getting tired of all this immigration crap.

Geeze, I hope so.  Leave the damn immigrants alone for a while.  Go after the freakin' drug and human smugglers.  Is that too much to ask?

funny pictures - Ok, now you're just creeping me out!

If this is a turn of the tide...

You're right.  I mean, I'll be glad if things do switch up a bit, but I'm not betting on it yet.

Meanwhile, in Juarez

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Real Truth: Why Arizonans Want To Be Abundantly Armed

To my observations, there are three things that motivate Arizonan's need to make carrying a gun not just a right but, apparently, a right without responsibilities.  Two of the reasons are, I believe, obvious:  Rattlesnakes and Testosterone Poisoning. 

Interesting sidenote:  It appears that women can also suffer from Testosterone Poisoning.    Whether this is a personal estrogen-to-testosterone hormonal imbalance or just catching it due to close proximity to men with the poisoning is unclear.  Clearly, further research needs to be done in the area.

Testosterone Poisoning:  It's not just for men anymore!

The third reason isn't too surprising.  This reason is:  fear.  In my close association with many 'zonies I've noticed quite a few causes of this fear.  Below are reasons that keep coming to the fore:

Fear Of Creatures That May Or May Not Be Gay

Illegal Alien Invasions
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Damn Commies
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Them Feisty Wimmens
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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Philosophical Meanderings

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At this moment in US history, things are a tad contentious.  As you may have noticed, I'm a total social justice nut.  I live in a state that thinks nothing of passing laws that violate the constitution.  Worse, they endanger others.  In some cases, civil rights are infringed upon.  I notice these things.  In my walk of faith, I can not stay silent. 

I feel anger and fear.  Anger and fear are not the way to go when looking for social justice.  Only out of  love can social justice be achieved.  I have a whole lotta love for my fellow human beings.  I'm trying desperately to move from anger and fear to a place of using love for change.  I'm trying to use humor to pull myself into loving action.

Recent events around the world have shown that social media is important in creating change in politics, human rights, and social justice.  While Facebook and Twitter are the main avenues used, a blog just might make an impact, too.  I can not stay silent.  I want to come from a place of love.

So here it is.  A woman itchin' for change tries to straighten out her own perspective.  A woman of faith trying to both be the change and make the change.

This little blog is the tiniest corner of social media.  I hope to use it thoughtfully and wisely.  And do so with humor and love.  Here's hoping I contribute to a more loving world.

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Things That Make The Day Go Faster

So, I'm sitting in the Reference Call Center, minding my own business, when I hear a WHOMP, thump, whomp, THUMP whomp whomp coming from the aisle outside the door.  I look up and, through a crack in the blinds, I see a young man heading north and doing HANDSPRINGS down the aisle.  HANDSPRINGS!

Lacking any other response, I opened the door a crack and saw him panting for breath down by the windows.  Being a polite librarian, I said "are you ok?"  He responded with a breathless nod.  Being mindful of safety, I also asked him to keep both feet on the floor in the future

We so need a lock on that door...