Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Philosophical Meanderings

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At this moment in US history, things are a tad contentious.  As you may have noticed, I'm a total social justice nut.  I live in a state that thinks nothing of passing laws that violate the constitution.  Worse, they endanger others.  In some cases, civil rights are infringed upon.  I notice these things.  In my walk of faith, I can not stay silent. 

I feel anger and fear.  Anger and fear are not the way to go when looking for social justice.  Only out of  love can social justice be achieved.  I have a whole lotta love for my fellow human beings.  I'm trying desperately to move from anger and fear to a place of using love for change.  I'm trying to use humor to pull myself into loving action.

Recent events around the world have shown that social media is important in creating change in politics, human rights, and social justice.  While Facebook and Twitter are the main avenues used, a blog just might make an impact, too.  I can not stay silent.  I want to come from a place of love.

So here it is.  A woman itchin' for change tries to straighten out her own perspective.  A woman of faith trying to both be the change and make the change.

This little blog is the tiniest corner of social media.  I hope to use it thoughtfully and wisely.  And do so with humor and love.  Here's hoping I contribute to a more loving world.

Meanwhile, in Chicago

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