Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Real Truth: Why Arizonans Want To Be Abundantly Armed

To my observations, there are three things that motivate Arizonan's need to make carrying a gun not just a right but, apparently, a right without responsibilities.  Two of the reasons are, I believe, obvious:  Rattlesnakes and Testosterone Poisoning. 

Interesting sidenote:  It appears that women can also suffer from Testosterone Poisoning.    Whether this is a personal estrogen-to-testosterone hormonal imbalance or just catching it due to close proximity to men with the poisoning is unclear.  Clearly, further research needs to be done in the area.

Testosterone Poisoning:  It's not just for men anymore!

The third reason isn't too surprising.  This reason is:  fear.  In my close association with many 'zonies I've noticed quite a few causes of this fear.  Below are reasons that keep coming to the fore:

Fear Of Creatures That May Or May Not Be Gay

Illegal Alien Invasions
demotivational posters - MASS AMBUSH

Damn Commies
wtf photos videos - Little Buddy

Them Feisty Wimmens
funny pictures history - Rosie Riveter Rage

demotivational posters - MEANWHILE

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