Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Pretty quiet around here.  The cat moved from her favorite spot a couple of times, excluding mealtimes and "nite-nite" time.  So that was interesting.

Had some fun with a Kindle borrowed from work.  I rather like it.   There's a certain exhilaration about being freed from the task of physically flipping a page.  Not having to squint to see the text in the gutter margin is always a plus.  And increasing the font size?  Priceless.

Next weekend's plans include borrowing the Nook for scientific comparison.

Went over to the branch where I'll start working at on July 11.

Nice people, nice building and, bonus, it appears that most of the customers bathe within 24 hours of entering the building.


I made some time this evening to go through and catalog some wacky pictures I've found over the years.  As you might expect, most of them fell into two categories:  Farts and Somebody Help Her.

And I took some time to think about my Daddy.  Due to health problems and birth at just the right time, Dad was the only person in my immediate family to serve in the military since the US Civil War.

He did not like serving.  No sir.  He did not.  Just didn't care for the idea.  By using a college deferral, he managed to miss the Korean war.  I can't imagine how that would have changed Dad from the mellow dude of my memory.  It's unfathomable.

He was in the Army Corps of Engineers.  A good place for him as he was, in fact, an Engineer. 

Meanwhile, In Wyoming

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