Thursday, May 05, 2011

Strange Days, Indeed

They say Americans will remember where they were when they heard the news of Osama bin Laden's death.  It's so awkward to say that you were playing Yoville when you got the news.  Really.  Yoville is a  dorky decorating game far less dignified than Farmville.  And so is my avatar.

I was having a lovely chat with some strangers in an oddly decorated room when a completely random avatar bursts in and shouts 'THEY GOT HIM!  THEY KILLED BIN LADEN!"

demotivational posters - WAIT.... WHAT????Anyone out there in social game land knows an avatar will say anything to get attention.  At least some do.  Personally, I play the old-age card.

So, being an experienced Yovillian, I ignored it.  Just your average nonsense.

But then another random avatar came in and shouted the exact same thing.  Now, either someone was trolling or maybe I should turn on the TV.


I chose the latter course of action and, lo and behold, the news was calling it in favor of the Navy Seals.

Immediately, a group of people, possibly birth-certificate carrying teabaggers went on the offensive.  Obama, a democrat!  A black democrat! Accomplished what GW couldn't. 

Where's the proof?  Where's the proof?  Where's the beef?  How do we know he's really dead? 

Those Navy Seals obviously lied with all their fancy DNA tests. 

It's a socialist plot!

Tarnation.  These people are really starting to get under my skin.  Srsly.  Skin, under.  See also:  rash

The good news is they have just added another foot to the rope that will hang them.  By questioning the scientific evidence gathered and studied by The Troops, they have shown their true colors.  Support The Troops, my ass.  Support them when they're bombing the hell out of them Muslims but not when they take out the Bad Guy in a clean shoot-out.

You heard it here first, peeps.  Teabaggers and their buddies are Anti-Troops.  That makes them, according to their own definitions, Anti-American.  I have suspected this for some time, but now they have outted themselves.  Where is their God now?

Meanwhile, in North Korea

wtf photos videos - Terrorbird!


Anonymous said...

This is the biggest piece of shit site created since the 90's.

Anonymous said...

This is the biggest piece of shit site created since the 90's.

Booktender said...

Thanks for noticing!

And double-thanks for bringing the total number of readers to two!