Sunday, July 24, 2011

Change is change

Working in a new unit.  So far it's very interesting.  For continuity's sake the "ol biblioteca" moniker will be used for this unit as well as the other.  Because being a librarian in a large library system is kind of like being part of a borg.

So, lemme tell ya about the new 'ol biblioteca.

The thing that immediately struck me was customer hygiene.  Particularly, the practice of having good hygiene.  All, including the problem customers, appear to have bathed within the last 24 hrs. 

I think this has something to do with this building being in a more suburban area. While I'm not letting my former non-homeless customers off the hook on the hygiene issue, a suburban neighborhood has by its very nature higher hygiene expectations of its denizens.

There are at least 30% fewer panhandlers outside the front door 
funny pictures history - Chaaange?

With less visual stimulation and a smaller area in which to wreak havoc, the teens are less noticeable.  Verily, they are at moments very helpful indeed!

Yes, so far it has been a good change for me.  As to the future, no one knows.  We shall see.

 Meanwhile, off the coast of Australia

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