Monday, August 08, 2011

A Tale of Two Libraries

Many of my co-workers at the Old 'ol Biblioteca are curious about the differences between their work and the things I do at the New 'ol Biblioteca.  I have set brain to spreadsheet and have come up with some surprising and some not so surprising stats.

It must be noted that my previous department catered, largely, to adults and the high school homework crowd.  This meant swift and hourly movement between 7 desks on 3 floors with a couple of hours off at times to do work in the back.  We also did not deal with public computers often.

At the New 'ol Biblioteca, there is one service desk, the building is on one floor, and children and teens and adults are all served.  And it's the size of a postage stamp.

Ergo, the following things happen at the New 'ol Biblioteca and not at the Old 'ol Biblioteca:
Storytime, Summer Reading Program prizes (now done for the summer), finding picture books and the like, and dodging piles of storytime craft materials in the storage closet, being able to leave right at closing because the customers are out of the building, and booking meeting rooms

Twice daily fish feeding
20 feet from desk to car
75% less chance that car will be vandalized or stolen
Sitting in a regular chair at a low reference desk instead of a rickety high stool at a reference desk does not increase customer intimidation
Commute one way 50% faster
Eating lunch at home increases the chance of vegetable consumption by 82%

The rest
Police calls down 89%
Foul unwashed customer odor down 99%
Chances of seeing a biological woman deformed by plastic surgery up 91%
Chances of seeing a biological male dressed as a woman down 72%
37% more likely to have a clean desk top as computers in the workroom are shared
Possibility of claustrophobia while in the workroom:  97%
67% less chance of seeing an administrator nearby
73% more goodies on the break room table
27% smaller break room table
100% fewer teens in heat running madly about
59% fewer teens

Chances of being injured by a pop-up book up 99%
funny pictures history - Mary was overly cautious   when it came to pop-up books

Meanwhile, in Iowa

funny pictures - This pig is wearing boots  Your argument is invalid

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