Monday, October 17, 2011

Space Available: #occupymybrain

OK, time to be a bit serious.

I have been fascinated with the #occupy movement and the response to it. I have come to the following conclusions:

1. Mainstream media and politicians don't get it. They look for lists of demands. What they're missing is that this isn't about specific demands. It's a call to conscience. That simple. There. Now pull it together. Because...

2. #occupy has made an end run completely around traditional media. While nothing beats feet in the street to attract television coverage, this movement exists independent of network or cable news.

We don't need you, Geraldo. #webeatyourass

And any business, any organization, any politician or political party that doesn't notice this, is SOL.

When the internet began, it was all about information being free. It still is. And now dissemination of that information is free and instant. No more waiting.

Wait until the 5:00 news? #hellno

Set up a formal structure? #areyoucrazy?

Collaboration? #whyyesindeed

Sticking it to the man? #priceless

Meanwhile, in Bimini