Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: The Year In Review

demotivational posters - THE GOOD OLD DAYS
And what a year it was!

From insightful comments from the Jesus Guy outside the door to the 'ol Biblioteca to Sheriff Joe, my year was full and rich.

I'm at a new unit now and the Jesus Guy is downtown.  I miss that guy.  Let's take a look back and contemplate his messages.

"Heaven or Hell!?"
"Read the Bible!  Avoid Hell!"

I miss this guy.  He has made me contemplate many things.  Here's to you, Jesus Guy, wherever you are.

In February, the Bear Force started to patrol the border.   Here are some shots of them in action
And their coolest weapon:

Socks were discovered to be full of awesome

I continue to blather on and on and on like a liberal about politics.  Usually Arizona politics.

My tranfer to a new unit was a refreshing change of pace.  Everybody is real nice to me.  Best of all, the customers tend to bathe and put on fresh clothes before venturing out.  Life is good.

Doing storytime again is a real blast but not without its danger

The only real problem with the 'ol biblioteca is the horrific Puppet War of 2011.  Thankfully, a herd of yaks invaded the spider-hole Teddy al-Bayr was hiding in, killing him gruesomely.

And That's Just The Way It Was

Meanwhile, In Cheezburger land

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Crazy Rita said...

And Happy New Year to you and all your bathed patrons and former unbathed ones too.