Monday, March 05, 2012

Where Was I?

I had pneumonia last week and darned if I remember much about the whole experience.  I'm told that's a good thing.  I do remember getting a shot of antibiotics in the butt.  You just can't blank that out.

But enough of my woes.  Let's see what's going on in the world, shall we?

I've had a bit of a mid-life crisis lately.  Mostly involving my body.  Yep, time to brush up on my nutritional skills.  And I figured a little exercise wouldn't hurt.  And I mean a little exercise.  Fibromyalgia makes exercise a bit of a challenge.

But I am not entirely downhearted.  Dancersize is a possibility in the far future.  Debbie Drake could be my salvation.  She is a ray of sunshine and optimism from beyond the grave.

And one-two-three-four cha-cha-cha.

wtf photos videos -  I'm Not Lovin' ThisMy latest experience at McDonalds has only strengthened my resolve to eat more nutritiously.

After being stared at by Ronald McDonald, I will never set foot in McDonalds again. 

Go through the drive-through, maybe.  That way I have a chance of running him down.

funny pictures - The Grand Poobas of the Brotherhood of the Noodle are ready to have the new pledges brought before them.

I had to make a brief trip to Iowa a few weeks ago.  This left my cat to her own devices. 

I suspect shenanigans were afoot.  From her current behavior, I can only assume the worst:  She has joined a kitty-cult.

I knew I shouldn't have left that catnip laying around

advice animals memes  - Crazy Cow, Kill Anyone
Still, it was nice to see Iowa at -1 degrees.  Nothing like home.

Meanwhile, at the 'ol Biblioteca

funny pictures history - Pushy Librarians

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