Saturday, June 09, 2012

La Vida Biblioteca

It's Summer Reading time at the 'ol Biblioteca.  At the old 'ol Biblioteca, I did not have much to do with the children's and teens reading programs.  At the new 'ol Biblioteca, I am Captain of the Summer Reading Ship.  This has been a summer of surprise!

Many years ago, before I was at the old 'ol Biblioteca, I worked in branch libraries and helped setup and run the summer reading programs there.  I was something of a lieutenant there.  And times were way different.  For prizes, we had rocks and sticks.  And our special programs consisted mainly of sitting around a campfire making shadow-puppets

Today's summer reading program is all about spiffy prizes and gaudy programs.  No more wax tablets for us!  I can now add Supply Clerk to my resume.  This is just one of a million things they forgot to teach us in library school.

The City's insane plan to make me a supervisor seems to be working.  I am, in fact, supervising.  And attending supervisor classes.  Next week I'm learning about Workplace Violence.  I hope it's not too hands-on.  Supervisors from all over the city attend these classes and some of those guys in the Water Department are awful big!

Meanwhile, in Texas

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