Saturday, January 26, 2013

The week in Booktending Land

Got my hair cut and some dental work done.  That was nice.

Did Storytime

Discovered that farts are really a superhero's most deadly weapon

As we have for the past few years, we continue to introduce customers to the internet.  So they can do vital things.  Like apply for unemployment, apply for jobs, and get tax forms.

Meanwhile, in California

Saturday, January 12, 2013

At The 'Ol Biblioteca

Well, it has been a full and rich day. Ya see, a big 'ol water main went wacko nearby.  No water.  No toilets.  Staff dashed to the nearest place with water to take care of business.  How those businesses had water and we didn't, I can not fathom.  Of course I had some iced coffee before arriving and became one of the desperate driving madly to Walmart to use their restrooms.

In other news, the brussel sprouts industry seems to be booming due to some spiffy new slang from the kids.

A lot of people have been in lately wanting information about terrorist cows.

School is back in session and the kids are trickling in to do their homework assignments use the public computers to play games

Lots of folks still learning how to apply for unemployment using the public computers.  I'm really ticked off at DES for making this policy.  Part of the reason some of these people are unemployed is because they have no computer skills.  This is something I am rabidly serious about.