Thursday, February 28, 2013

Issues. I have issues

They say that when a television series runs out of good ideas, they do a clip show.  I haven't exactly run out of ideas.  My brain is just on hold for a while.  I guess.  Whatever.  So I've decided to do a blog clip show and revisit issues I have had in the past.

Fanny Packs.  Specifically men wearing fanny packs in front under a beer belly.  That awful moment when they reach down to unzip and you're not quite sure if you're going to see a library card or a whang.  I've discussed it in  07/2007, 8/2009 and 03/2010.  I must say that I seem to have made some progress in my campaign as I am seeing less of this.  And yet the horror continues.  I'm serious about this.

And, yes, I still think America dresses like slobs

And listen up, Lady Gaga, women wore meat outfits long before you did.  And even in the old days they were classier than yours.

Yes, I have many issues with dress.  Which is pretty hypocritical when I look at how I dress.  Did Dansko clogs really go out of style that long ago?

Stay tuned for more issues reexamined soon!

Meanwhile, in the 80s

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